Mark Whitfield about Faton Macula

"I think that Faton Macula is one of the most interesting and forward jazz guitarist on the scene today. And he's funky too" ​​

​​Robert Hurst

bass player for "The tonight show", Wynton Marsallis, Branford Marsallis, among others. 

"Faton Macula is a gifted guitarist, whose cutting-edge ideas coupled with great
technique  on the instrument make him an artist of great significance and distinction."

Billy Child

Piano player Freddie Hubbard.

"Keep an eye on Faton Macula"

Mark Murphy

Legendary Jazz Singer

Faton is truly a talented guitarist. His melodic and rhythmic sense is inspiring. He will likely be great appeal to not only guitar fans but true fans of contemporary jazz.​

Billy Kilson

drummer for Dave Holland, Chris Botti

“Faton Macula is breaking new ground as a versatile and modern jazz guitarist. By incorporating fresh ideas and awesome technique with a broad palette of musical style, Faton is creating exciting new music that transcends genre”

​​Stephen Rafael Marcione

Guitar maker

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